Premature Ejaculation Treatment.
Premature Ejaculation Treatment.
Premature Ejaculation Treatment.


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Premature Ejaculation Treatment.
PREMATURE EJACULATION When man who can not control his ejaculatory flow ( quick discharge ) for At least first 30 seconds after penetration, he is suffering from Premature Ejaculation.
Quick release of seminal discharge either before penetration of Penis into vagina or after penetration, where either one of the partners or both the partners are not satisfied, is known as Premature Ejaculation. The main underlying cause of these disorders in our country is lack of sex education and lack of medical education for the lay public, Misconceptions in the minds of the people which have been put in their mind either in childhood or in adulthood by the friends who themselves are not well informed. Some rely totally on pornography, indecent writings and cheap sex publications and blue films. The problem is going to be alright by itself after marriage where you start regular relationship.

But, if you feel you are loosing health or vitality, there are good tonics to stop all this and make you highly energetic. Contact us if you feel necessary.

HOW MUCH TIME One very common question which the patients always ask " doctor, what is the exact time after which one should ejaculate ? or what is the duration of normal Sexual intercourse ? The best answer is that if you are able to hold your semen till you and your partner are satisfied and getting good pleasure of the Intercourse, is the right duration. This time interval may vary from few seconds to one minute.

Time can be increased if it is really short and not to the satisfaction. Fortunately, there are very good harmless medicines available. Please feel free to contact, only if you are not happy.

A SMALL PENIS Most of the young people are worried very much about one thing, which disturb them recurrently that whether after marriage they will be able to satisfy their partner or not ! Whether they can play for sufficient time or not !Or the if penis is too small. The size of the penis is very important from patient's point of view but not so in reality. Measuring the length of the penis has no meaning and is deceptive, if it is taken when the penis flaccid or soft. It should always be measured when it is hard or in a fully erected position. It is like measuring the length of closed umbrella. For accurate measurement, the umbrella has to be fully opened. As far as medical treatment is concerned , there is no medicine in the world which can increase the length of the penis. The length of the penis always depends upon the family traits, overall height and weight of the person, sexual state of the person. The psychological disturbance caused by the small penis gives tremendous depression to young person to be married or a newly married man. In fact the length of the penis has nothing to do with the extent of pleasure which the woman gets.The explanation is very simple. The nerve endings or the receptors which give pleasure to a woman, are situated at the entrance of the vagina. Now, whether you rub a small organ or a big organ against that area, it is the rubbing effect which gives pleasure and not the length of the penis. It makes no difference to a woman. On the contrary it is seen that a very big/long penis, at times, gives lot of discomfort to the partner, particularly if she is a short person and a virgin. There are people with a very small erected penis and their partners are satisfied with them and consider their husbands a He Man. They have been a father of several children as far as reproduction is concerned. A small organ has no role to play in sterility ( unable to produce a child) In reproduction it is the semen that works not the penis, which is just a carrier of semen. It has been observed by some , that their organ appears to be little smaller than before. This is Possible.

Explanation : It is like a balloon. The balloon looks smaller if you release little air from it and the same balloon becomes larger and lengthier if you pump little more air. It can even become larger than before, if you pump more air than before. In the same way the organ becomes smaller if by any factor the power is reduced. And it can retain its size if the power and blood supply is increased by very effective medicines available with us. Please do not keep quite any longer, if you feel , you need the help. Contact, for only safe medicines without any side effects.

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